The Cannonball Man Visits the Royal Norfolk Show

Organising the visit of David Smith and his cannon to visit the UK for the first time was not for the faint hearted! A template has now been set up and so for anyone else wishing to invite him over we should be able to provide all the relevant information.

None of us really know what to expect from the displays although we had seen a DVD of snippits from other event where he had performed. In reality it exceeded all our expectations.
Firstly David and his family were so easy to deal with, and their agents, Star Attractions, were again very communicative and helpful. The setting up of the cannon took little time once rigorous rehearsals had taken place the previous day with our volunteer stewards. David leaves no stone unturned with his rigorous preparations and our health and safety officials were appeased.

Come rain or shine the show did go on and I have to give David credit for this as he said that people had come to see him perform and that is what he wanted to do despite the weather conditions.

The media loved this new spectacle at an agricultural show and our local newspaper produced a cartoon dedicated to the “cannonball man”. Quite a coup for someone from overseas in Norfolk! One of our photographers also sent a remarkable photograph of David’s projectile from the cannon in a perfect arc which appeared in one of the national newspapers, another first for Norfolk. Local radio also interviewed David which I am sure helped to pull in the crowds.

But the best thing of all were the wonderful comments from visitors to the show. We did not have a record crowd this year due to the bad weather forecasts, but it was the content of the show which made them all agree that it was “the best Royal Norfolk Show ever”. This I am sure was due to the amazing Cannonball Man – Dave the Bullet Smith, and we can’t wait to have him back again.

Sarah de Chair
Show Manager

CenteService Corporation

January 6th, 2005

To Whom It May Concern:

I had a pleasure of working with Mr. David Smith, Jr., the Human Cannonball, along with his sister, Jennifer, his wife Audrey, and his father, the original Mr. Human Cannonball, David Smith, Sr. on a commercial shoot for a Japanese health drink call Suntory Amino-shiki on Orlando, Florida in December, 2004.

I am delighted to tell you what a wonderful experience it was to work with them. Their professionalism and thoughtfulness are something to be noted about. They were most accommodating and pleasant even in our tight demanding production schedule. Their lovely nature put all of us at ease in the midst of a hectic day. And David Jr.'s cannonball performance was just fantastic!

I truly enjoyed working with them on and off the set during the production, The have my highest praise if anyone inquires.

Thank you very much for your time and concern.

Best Regards,
Addie Akemi Kohzu
Associate Producer


K & W Extreme Shows, Inc.

April 17th, 2004

Dear Dave,

I am writing this letter to show my sincere appreciation for your appearance with us for the Galaxy of Thrills show last month. The show was a great success and a definite hit with the audience. You are a true testament to your profession, and should be proud to be called an extreme daredevil.

Thank you again for participating with The Extreme Team, I look forward to working with you in the future.

P.S. If you were able to capture any footage or pictures and would like to pass them along, that would be of great benefit. Also a great big thank you for the additional help in setting up the show! The Cannon Rocked as I knew it would!

Kimball Keller
President and Executive Producer
K and W Extreme Shows, Inc.


Freightliner, LLC

January 23rd, 2004

Dear David,
We would like to personally thank you for allowing us to feature you in the winter issue of Destination - Success The Magazine. Your contribution helped make the issue a success.

On behalf of Freightliner Market Development Corporation and the SelecTrucks Center network, we are presenting you with a framed copy of the featured article. We realize that your time is valuable and offer this as a small token of our appreciation. We hope that you enjoy the piece.

Thank you again for your support,

Jan Rothermel
Manager, Marketing & Development Program


Columbia Pictures / Big Fish

March 16th, 2003

Dear David,
On behalf of the "Big Fish" cast and crew, we'd like to thank you for the outstanding work and dedication you have given us. The Circus sequence of our film was a success due to your professionalism throughout the shoot.

We hope that your stay with us was a memorable one and hope to work with you again in the future.

Very Best,
Tim Burton

Richard Zanuck

Bruce Cohen

Arne Schmidt
Executive Producer

Charlie Croghwell

Mika Saito

Steele County Free Fair

August 23rd, 2000

Dear Star Attractions Staff,

Thank you for all your special efforts in the booking of David Smith the Human Cannonball at our fair.

David did an excellent job and was a huge success. The media coverage generated by his appearance was incredible. A five-column photo of his launching on the first day of the fair was in the morning paper the next day. The photo went on A.P. and was featured in newspapers throughout the country. Two TV stations covered the event including live interviews right after the launch. The sponsor (KOWZ radio) broadcast all 14 launches live on their station.

Dave is tremendous to work with. After each launch he took the time to visit with spectators. He answered all types of questions and paid special attention to the children. He is a fantastic act, but also has great "people" skills, including personality, cooperation, attitude, and a willingness to satisfy his audience and sponsors. I highly recommend him as an "act of excellence".

Elmer Reseland
Secretary / Manager



City of Two Harbors

May 18th, 1999

Mayor Sletten and the Two Harbors City Council wish to express their sincere appreciation to Dave "The Bullet" Smith, for his spectacular "Cannon Shot" performance of May 18, 1999.

This was an awesome public event and will be ever etched in the minds of countless visitors and area residents.

Wayne Sletten

John Jacoby,
City Council

See Klein
City Clerk Administrator