First I would like to thank all of you in our audiences for making me feel so appreciated. I truly hope that you've enjoyed the shows.

Also thanks to LBZ for sponsoring my gear. They allow me to fly with style. They have been supplying me for over 7 years. LBZ is a motorcross clothing company. Here's how you get a hold of them www.lbz.com

I would also like to thank all the venues for whom we have worked in the past. Many took a chance on something new.

I would like to thank the Drew Exposition for having the human cannonball show in their tour for over 6 years. Thanks Jimmy!!! To see the beautiful drew exposition midway... www.drewexpo.com

I will not name all of you out there, I'll forget too many, but you know who you are. Thank you to all of you that let me prove that my show was worth at least what i promised you.

Thanks mom. For everything. How you've kept your sanity I don't know.

I need to thank the greatest human cannonball that ever lived, the brain behind the machine, My Father, David Smith Sr. For setting the bar so high. without you I may never have learned to fly

Most of all I thank my wife Audrey. For always being there and somehow loving me.